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Home Painting

Home Painting
Pandawhite inc, provides Home Painting services we have great experienced team, they have constructed and paint so many building according to user need & imagination with Great designing skills, we aim to provide worlds best construction and renovation service.

Exterior Coating System

Exterior Coating System
Pandawhite inc Exterior Coating System,  state-of-the-art products reduce your energy costs while making your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Out Windows

Out Windows
Pandawhite inc, Out Windows, Replacement of residential and commercial windows with energy efficient, highly secure windows. Benefit: Easy operating, low maintenance windows providing great energy efficiency, security and sound proofing. Under life time limited warranty.

Solar Energy setup

Solar Energy setup

Pandawhite inc, Make the most of San Diego’s free and abundant sunshine with our cost-effective Solar Energy setup that drastically reduce your impact on the environment.


Pandawhite inc provide the service of Roofing, Replacement of residential(mostly) and commercial roofs with energy efficient “Cool Roofs”. Roofs carry 30-50 years warranty. Brand name is “Owens Corning”, US made.

Patio Cover Installation

Patio Cover Installation

Pandawhite inc have vast experience in patio cover installation and implementation, with attractive designing and long lasting permanent work.

What customers are saying

We’ve     had     FlexOn     on     our     home     since     November     of     2009.  The     job     was     done     by     Pnadawhite     Inc.,     a     company     that     we     did     our     research     on.     The     company  agreed     the     full SEE MORE

Manuel & Susie Aranda

In     March     of     2012,     I     set     an     appointment     for     an     estimate     to     paint     my     house,     and     my     roof     was  leaking!    Miro     stopped     by.     I     knew     next     to     nothing     about     stucco,     or     wood SEE MORE

M. Kuhlman

We    are    writing    this    as    Miro    asked    us    to.  We    replaced    our    roof    in    March    of    2008    with    Miro,    representing    Pandawhite    Inc..    We    still  like    it!    The   work    took    the   4    days.They    brought    a SEE MORE

Harry and Manuka Zaven

I’m     writing     this     testimonial     as     you     asked     me     to.     To     whom     it     may     concern,    We     purchased     FlexOn     coating     and     the     Owens     Corning     50     year     roof     in     March     of     2010.     We’ve  been     happy     with     it. SEE MORE

Mr. And Mrs. Daniel Ralph

We     would     like     to     thank     you     and     your     company     Pandawhite     for     the     windows     you     installed.    As     you     had     promised,     they     really     improved     the     appearance     of     our     home. SEE MORE

Mr, and Mrs. Harvey Smith

I am  writing  this  testimonial  at  Miro’s  request. I had  my  roof  replace  with  Pamdawhite  Inc. i n  June  of  2016. the  roof  I  got i s  a  cool  roof  with  50  years  warranty  on t he l abor  also! My l ate husband  was  a  contractor SEE MORE

Mr. And Mrs. Daniel Ralph

I’m writing this letter as a testimonial for other home owners to be informed and aware, and maybe even learn from my personal experience with double pain window. I had replaced five windows in front of my house with SEE MORE

John Wisner

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