Alma Romero

531 Felicita Ave

Spring Valley 91977



To whom it may concern,


I am glad to provide this testimonial.


 I had my roof replaced with PandaWhite in June of 2016. The roof I got installed is a CoolRoof with a 50 years warranty which includes the labor also! My late husband was a contractor and what I remember him saying is that the best roof you could get would come with a 40 year warranty on it’s belt. Well, your rep offered me a roof with a 50 year warranty!


After my roof was replaced, I noticed the house cooled off significantly. When I come home in the early afternoon, the house is not hot like before and I don’t need to run to open the windows and turn on the fans! I could leave the windows closed and the fans off for the entire afternoon.


I ended up buying it with no money down, financing it with the city, with my first payment in about a year from now!


Your rep also had my attic re-insulated last month. The cost was significant, but when I saw how the work was being done, with all the cleaning and the lifetime insulation that was installed, it made sense. My house was built in the 1950’s and my husband had insulation put on top of what was there originally. Apparently, that is not a good idea, as I saw how dirty the insulation was when they took it down in bags. I’m lucky I only had mold in one section of the attic. The crew sealed it off and cleaned it out. I notice that my house is actually cooler now.


Your rep and the PandaWhite crew did near exactly what my husband would say good contractors do!


I am very pleased.


They did a clean job!


Thank you,



Joel and Maria Arellano

1301 Corte Floradora

San Jacinto CA 92583


To the Workers from PandaWhite.                                                                                                                 


We had our windows replaced by PandaWhite in Februray of 2018.


Then we had CoolWall applied to our exterior walls.


The house looks beautiful!


The house is cool and quiet inside due to the CoolWall and the replacement windows.


The workers were fast and didn’t waste time with too much talking. They just worked. All together, both projects only took 5 days!


Thank you for your work!


The Arellano's.

Manuel & Susie Aranda

2212 Finch Ln

San Diego, CA 92123

661 319-8305



To whom it may concern,


We've had CoolWall on our home since November of 2009. The job was done by PandaWhite Inc., a company that we did our research on. The company agreed to accept the full payment upon completion, only when we were satisfied with the finished job.


Our house was built in 2000. By 2009 the stucco on the house was deteriorated! Knowing that regular paint was not an option for Stucco, we went ahead with what the rep had to offer.


Since CoolWall, we've noticed a great improvement in the temperature of our home. Warmer during cold days of winter and as expected, cooler through hot summer days.


Our AC unit has been working less and Black Widow spiders around the perimeter of the house have disappeared just as your rep said they would! 


It's a great product, and we've been very happy with it.


The rep also had our attic cleaned up of all the old insulation and installed insulation with a lifetime warranty. We saw the pictures of how dirty the attic was. We had been sleeping under this dirty attic for years!


Thank you


Mr. & Mrs. Aranda


P. S. We had some small issues with bubbling of the exterior coating around the eves of the house. The company came back to correct the issues under warranty. The workers were very friendly.

Robert and Bobby King

8311 OraBella Ln,

El Cajon CA 92021



To the clients of PandaWhite Inc. :


PandaWhite installed 16 solar panels for us about two months ago.


I wasn't exactly sure how they would turn out, but we have done other work with PandaWhite, so we trusted in their expertise.


Since our panels were connected a month ago, we didn’t have an electric bill. It was just $5 for service.


There was a small matter in connecting our system that delayed it being fully operational for two weeks. Their stopped by our house and paid our electric bill for that time with a PandaWhite company check.


I think PandaWhite is a good company since they always kept their word with us and did very efficient work.


I recall that they are fully insured also. If anything happens to their workers or to our house or to anyone in or around our house while they are doing the install, their insurance takes care of it. That's important to know!


We appreciate that the installed panels are an American brand with a 25 year warranty!


Thank you.


Bobby King, and my husband Robert.

Salvador and Alicia Flores

31642 Northfield Lane

Menifee CA 92534


To: The staff at PandaWhite Inc.


In July of 2018 PandaWhite installed our large patio cover. It's a solid insulated cover with lattice next to it.


I told your rep that if we were happy with it, we’d agree to another large detached patio cover and a cement base in our backyard.


When your rep called us after the first cover was completed, I told him that we were 110% satisfied with the job.


We then gave him the next project. This included a lot of cement flooring from the side of the house to the back as well as a detached patio cover over the area at the back of the house.


All these projects were approved by our HOA since the contractor we talked to last year provided blueprints for approval. We didn’t go with the first contractor. PandaWhite approached us by phone and we met with your rep. We just trusted him.


And now we are extremely happy with our very large patio covers.


On the last day of the installation, two of PandaWhite’s workers got on the roof of the patio cover to apply sealant in between the panels to protect against rain.


We told your rep about it since we were so impressed with the strength of the cover with two workers on it!


Thank you,


Salvador and Cecilia Flores.

May 7th, 2011


From the desk of

David Knepprath

11 Buccaneer street, #2

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292


To whom it may concern,


The 11 Buccaneer street homeowners association hired PandaWhite to remodel our condominium building, in January of 2010.


The work included removing wood shake shingles on the walls, replacing them with stucco and then coating with CoolWall in a beautiful blue. We also had windows and doors replaced. Then later the roof.


All of the work performed was excellent, on time and under budget.


When any of our owners had questions, PandaWhite was helpful and always available to take our calls.


When we need them again, we will not hesitate to call on PandaWhite.


The utility bills on our gas and electric, as investigated by your rep, were reduced by 50% since the remodel!


Your crew took one of the ugliest buildings on the block and turned it into a Marina Del Rey Gem!


Thank you,


D. Knepprath

Nov. 12th 2016


Maggie Kulmann

5530 N. Magnolia Dr.

Highland CA 92405


To whom it may concern,


In March of 2010, I set an appointment for an estimate to paint my house and to address my leaking roof.


PandaWhite's rep stopped by. I knew next to nothing about stucco, or wood siding.


As I am a single woman, owning my house by myself, I was being careful and selective to what kind of a work was going to be done on my house. I'd had some bad experiences with one or two contractors I’d hired in the previous years. My flooring was half finished when the contractor decided to leave for his previous client to finish another project of his, leaving my dining room with no floor for seven weeks!


The contractor who painted the interior walls of my house left a mess after he finished and never came back to clean up as he'd promised.


And also at the same time, my sister's kitchen cabinet doors were falling off after only two months of her kitchen remodel. She was never able to find the contractor responsible to complain. He'd disappeared!


I never told the PandaWhite rep about my skepticism with contractors and what all of the stress I experiences as a result.


I never had any problems with PandaWhite. The rep wrote down all the details of the process for me in the contract, showed me his references and, as I requested, I paid him the balance in full only after the job was completed to my satisfaction! The fact that he didn't mind on the latter, made me decide on the investment he was offering.


The project was completed in ten days. The house looked beautiful then, and it still looks beautiful!


It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to have these high quality products on the exterior walls of my house and on my roof.


Thank you for your excellent service!


M. Kuhlman

Robert and Kari Lozano

4922 Surfcliff Point

San Diego CA 92154



To whom it may Concern,


With PandaWhite Inc. we did the CoolWall exterior coating, Artificial turf and drought tolerant landscaping. We also replaced our AC unit and installed a 4.5 KW solar panel system.


We had arranged a party on a Saturday in January for my mother's birthday.  I asked the rep if they could finish the CoolWall and the landscaping by then. They did it in 4 days as well as the AC unit. Thank you!


Then in the following week, PandaWhite installed the solar panel system.


We have two story house and with the CoolWall exterior, the entire house feels much cooler in the summer.


We decided to go with the Pace Funding program for everything but the solar panels. We went HELOC on that.


Our backyard landscaping looks great!


There was a small issue with our window grids on the garage door that were removed by the painters and thrown away by the landscapers by mistake. The rep solved this by having the grids special ordered. He himself painted and replaced them. Thank you!


PandaWhite gave us a lifetime manufactures warranty on the CoolWall! This coating is energy efficient, beautiful and you never have to paint again!




The Lozano family.

Miguel and Teresa Garcia

4413 Dallas place,

Perris CA 92571




To whom it may concern,


PandaWhite replaced our windows and roof and installed our solar panels.


We are very happy with the quality of their work.


With other companies who do this kind of work, some are good, but most have issues. We had absolutely NO issues with PandaWhite. The installs were done fast, quiet and easy!


This was about a month ago.


Thank you and good luck.


We will give you referrals.


Miguel and Teresa Garcia

Mr. And Mrs. Daniel Ralph

1165 Carnelian St,

El Cajon, CA 92021

619 322-0994




Dear PandaWhite,


We purchased FlexOn coating and the Owens Corning 50 year roof in March of 2010. We've been very happy with both!


I've owned a few houses with stucco exteriors and I never knew there was a permanent solution for deteriorating stucco. Also, to my understanding, the longest roof you could get was a 30 year roof. As you explained, the warranty applies to the material only, not the labor!


The outside of our house is now always clean. No dust stays on the walls and our sprinklers do not have any effect on them as before. Also, spiders are gone! Well, I might find one only every six months. Our spider problem is solved.


Our one story house is cooler now as a result of the CoolRoof I got from you.


 I haven’t needed to turn on our AC since the roof was replaced!


I notice that my home office in the front of the house is now much cooler during the summer!


Thank you for the great job!


Next is solar panels and a clean re-insulation in my attic.




Daniel Ralph

Harvey Smith

8336 Lake Baca Dr,

San Diego, CA 92119

Feb 7, 2011


  Dear PandaWhite staff,


We would like to thank you and your company, PandaWhite Inc. for the windows you installed.


As you promised, they really improved the appearance of our home.


Not only are the windows as attractive as the pictures you showed us, but they also eliminate all noise from the street, keep our home cooler in hot weather and warmer in cold weather.


And they are so easy to clean!


Your crew arrived when they were scheduled to and removed the old windows in just a few hours before installing the new ones. The materials used for insulation when installing were quite impressive. They cleaned up when they were finished and the windows were a perfect fit!


No painting or plastering was necessary either.


Some of our friends saw our new windows in the past few months and commented on the quality. They were very impressed. One friend had windows in his house replaced by a different company and there were issues with the installation. His new window frames bowed from inside.


Your product was certainly what you promised!


Thank you again for your excellent product and perfect craftsmanship.


Very truly yours,


Mr, and Mrs. Harvey Smith

818 362-5247

John Wisnor

5045 El Cajon Dr.

Woodland Hills, CA, 91303




Dear PandaWhite,


I'm writing this letter as a testimonial for other home owners to be informed and aware, and maybe even learn from my personal experience with double pane windows. I had replaced five windows in front of my house with Milguard windows through a local company three years ago. I thought, like most people, that double pane windows were all roughly the same. That is far from the truth!


First off, the installation was a disaster. I cannot describe the anger I felt when I saw the poor workmanship that they thought they would get away with. One of the windows had condensation inside glass and was obviously crooked. The workers could not speak English and acted as if that was how the window was supposed to be installed. It was almost five months before they came back to replace the window.


The worst part was how poorly the windows performed. I did not notice much difference in temperature, or noise.


So, when one your representatives called me and told me about “high performing windows”, I was more than skeptical. But his enthusiasm won me over! I agreed to the demo, and wow! When your rep showed up and demonstrated the Simonton windows, me and my wife were literally blown away!


The windows were obviously made with thicker vinyl and glass than the Milguard windows we had installed. He put the window on the floor and stood on the glass and it didn’t break! He used the heat lamp and explained the difference between LOW-E3 and other standards. No heat went through.


But it was the security side of the window that ultimately made us decide to replace all the windows with you.


Please thank your crew for taking care of our home as if it was their own and going out of their way to minimize any inconvenience. The windows are amazing. We have received many compliments from our neighbors. We referred two of them to your rep and they too decided to take advantage of PandaWhite's group purchase incentive!


We have noticed a much greater difference in our cooling and heating savings with the new windows and the house feels exceptionally quiet and cozy! Our savings are about 50% on cooling and heating utilities and I have also noticed that our refrigerator works less!!


These windows are American made, as your rep explained, compared to Milgard windows that are made in Mexico and to other brands that have parts that are imported from the far east. I did quite a bit of research on various brands of windows. As the saying goes, “You Get What You Pay For!”


Sincerely yours,


John Wisnor

Harry and Manuka Zaven

10055 Embry Way

San Diego, CA 92126


Feb 12th, 2016


To whom it may concern,


We are happily writing this as your rep asked us to. We replaced our roof in March of 2008 with PandaWhite. We still like it!


The work only took 4 days. They brought out a truck and lifted the container up to the eaves of the roof. They removed two layers of the old roof down to the wood that was underneath. Your rep warned us that there could be a bit of dust. We were a little worried, but their installers sprayed water on the wood before removing it and that prevented the potential problem. We had no dust!


During and after the install, the nails on the ground around the house were collected with a roller magnet. Although, about two weeks later we found a few nails. Since we had young children then, running around in bare feet from time to time, I called your rep and he sent their guy to run the magnet one more round. He showed up that afternoon.


We like the unique look of the roof. I asked your rep again for the name,True Definition Duration by Owens Corning. We like the texture of the new roof and since we’ve had it, we have forgotten about it. We still get compliments from time to time from people about the vibrant texture of the roof.


Our neighbor across the street had shingles from his 1 year old roof flying away from the gusty winds we had about a month ago! We referred him to your rep for his roof, but apparently they didn’t like the price and they chose another contractor. Their new roof was done just last year and is now already missing shingles!


We paid more than the other estimates we received for our roof. We are glad we decided to invest in a better and a stronger roof from PandaWhite with a lifetime warranty!




The Zaven's

PandaWhite review edits

Aug. 22, 2020

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marisol haroutunian

Aug 8 2020


My husband is asking me to place this review. We just got a check from them for referring our cousin. Thank you. They replaced our windows. The rep asked me afterwards, so I noticed.. We can’t hear the freeway about two miles away anymore. Good windows, and professional and fast installation.


My husband asked me to write this review. We just got a check from PandaWhite for referring our cousin. Thank you! We had our windows replaced and, just like the rep said, we no longer hear the freeway that's two miles away anymore. We are very happy with the windows and appreciate the fast, professional installation.


Faith zamora

Aug 4 2020


I currently work here and I love the job . Great people , they help me a lot on Strengthening my Work skills.


I currently work here at PandaWhite and love the job. Great coworkers and they help me a lot on strengthening my work skills.


Garrett Radke  (corrections in blue)

Jul 27 2020


Pandawhite deserves 5 stars for the quality of work provided. We contracted with them to repair cracks and other damage to the exterior of the house and to apply a CoolWall coating over the entire house and replace our gutters. The work was done in a timely fashion and exceeded our expectations. However, the company as a whole suffers from communication issues. After our contract was signed we heard nothing for several weeks until two guys showed up at our house unannounced on a Saturday morning to begin the work. There was a general lack of communication throughout about what was going on with the project and I had to make several phone calls and respond to texts and emails to get the project finished. All of this could have been avoided if the project manager had made contact and spoken with me prior to the work beginning. That said, the work was completed to our satisfaction, and we have no issues with the quality of the work and would highly recommend PandaWhite Inc. for the application of CoolWall, in particular.



vahe miro copalian  (shouldn't you use a different name here?)

Jul 26 2020


Surprisingly, no pushy salesman the guy who stopped by! We replaced our windows with them. So far happy. House is mitre quiet, and is been cooler this summer.

I was pleasantly surprised that the guy who stopped by from PandaWhite was not a pushy salesman at all.  We decided to replace our windows with them. So far we're very happy! Our house is much more quiet and has been cooler this summer.


Tara Van Sambeek

Feb 19 2020


We recently did some work on my home. We needed to have the roof replaced and were considering solar. When the rep came to my home they explained the differences on roofing materials and warranties to help us get the best options for our home. Also explained to me why Solar would be a great benefit for us. We decided that the price was right and the rep was very professional and not pushy trying to get a deal. When they started the job, they were on time every day and the job was installed within 30 days. We are planning on using them in the future for other upcoming projects on our home. This is a great company and I would recommend them to anyone wanting good quality service.


We recently decided to have some work done on our home. We needed to have the roof replaced and were considering solar as well.  The PandaWhite rep came to our house and explained the different roofing materials and warranties so we could make a much more informed decision. He also explained how solar would be a great benefit for us. We appreciated that the rep was very professional and not pushy in trying to get a deal. We decided the price was right. When Panda White started the installation they were on time every day and the job was completed within 30 days – first the roof, then the solar. We are planning  on using PandaWhite in the future for other projects on our home. PandaWhite is a great company and I would recommend them to anyone wanting high quality service!


John Chong

Jan 10 2020


We've got coolwall from PandaWhite. We're very happy with the product. Thank you


We decided to go with CoolWall from PandaWhite.  It came out more beautiful than we expected  and we're so happy we don't have to paint our house ever again!  Thank you!


Irene Martinez

Jan 2 2020


Real quality products! Attentive . I’ve been asked to leave this review; my first review in 2 years but they really did a great job on my widows. Thank you


PandaWhite features great quality products! This is my first review in 2 years. PandaWhite did a great job on my windows. I'm very happy with them. Thank you!



Carol S.

Dec 19 2019


Pandawhite completed the painting of the exterior of my home with the Cool Wall Tex Cote. It looks beautiful and very impressed with the product. The...


PandaWhite completed the painting of the exterior of my home with the CoolWall Tex Cote. The product demonstration blew me away! The finished result looks fantastic.  I'm so impressed with the technology behind the product and the incredible lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. I love the peace of mind in knowing that I'll never have to repaint my house!


Matt L.

Oct 1 2019


I found the rep from the company very easy to deal with, not your typical construction company you deal with everyday. What more can I say? The company is...


I found the rep from PandaWhite very easy to deal with. They are not your typical construction company you might be accustomed to. What more can I say? I found PandaWhite to be very reputable and they only feature superior products.


Grayson Frazier

Aug 20 2020


Vahe the owner always pays attention to detail and puts his customers first. You can always count on quality with PandaWhite.


(nothing needed)


Grayson F.  (This is almost the same as the one above. Delete.)

Aug 20 2020


Vahe The owner always pays attention to detail with his work. He really takes pride in it and you can tell. You can always expect great service and quality...


Vahe H.

Aug 13 2020


Proud of the company. They've been honest, hard working and sweating. All good. Thank you for the work, and quality.


(Nothing needed.)



Jennifer C.

Aug 12 2020


Had my windows replaced and house painted with CoolWall by PandaWhite. Very good job. Thank you very much!


(nothing needed)



Grace 1

Aug 8 2020


Nice clean, very clean job. House looks awesome! Thanks.


(nothing needed)